Commercial Security Solutions

Commercial Security Solutions

Sentech is Your Business Security Solution

With professionally monitored security, access, energy management and video monitoring solutions, you get peace of mind knowing that your properties are protected and your business is running smoothly – no matter where you are

Always On Security and Awareness

  • Professionally monitored security
  • Remotely disarm your system in case of a false alarm
  • Access and control from anywhere
  • Multi-location management
  • Real-time activity alerts and notifications
  • Live and recorded video monitoring

Commercial Surveillance Systems

Sentech Security & Communications provides customized security camera packages that address your individual business needs. In this increasingly challenging marketplace, business owners need affordable, effective tools to maximize profits and minimize loss. Cameras are an incredibly powerful and effective management tool. Sentech also offers POS integration with your camera security system. POS integration allows the text of printed receipts to appear right on the screen, as the sale is processed.

Camera security will give you concrete proof of shoplifting, thefts and robbery. And cameras are not just a tool to catch criminals. Visible security cameras also act as a deterrent of possible crimes. A security camera system from Sentech can protect you and your business against possible litigation. Using video evidence, you can defend yourself in potential court cases, including slip-and-falls.

Get Smarter Business Video Monitoring

Our range of commercial-grade video options flexibly address the unique video monitoring requirements of your business property. Get awareness like never before.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Are you protected against intruders? Business security systems are crucial to every business in today’s world. And alarms for business do more than protect your business from theft. Alarms from Sentech Security & Communications can also be set up to alert you & the proper authorities in cases of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and flooding.

Sentech offers both hard-wired and wireless alarms for business. The keypads are unobtrusive, the alarm panel sleek, and the add-ons impressive, making business security systems more appealing than ever. As you look to protect your business, look no further than alarms for business by Sentech.

Access Control Systems

Assigned employee user codes can be easily added and removed so you know who’s coming and going from your business at all times. Smart locks allow you to open your business to anyone at anytime

The Smartest Technology for Your Business

Get awareness like never before with smarter solutions tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises.

  • Remotely manage key systems
  • Keep an eye on inventory and equipment
  • Easily control employee access
  • Protect employees and customers

Make Decisions with Actionable Business Insights

Receive easy to understand reports that provide quick visibility into trends and unexpected activity across all business locations.

  • Maximize staffing efficiency with Active Reporting
  • Easily understand when your busiest hours are
  • Quickly track the impact of promotions on customer traffic
  • Receive a notifications if employees are arriving late or leaving early

Save Energy, Save Money

Reduce energy waste and save money with schedule to automatically adjust temperature and lighting. Smart thermostats and lights ensure your business is comfortable when it’s open and safe when it’s closed

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