Residential Camera Systems

How would like to receive a text message when your children arrive home from school? What about when your long-awaited package arrives on the front door?

Sentech Security & Communications has camera systems to fit neatly into your home. We offer both the more traditional “nanny cam” or a high-tech, outdoor option, for whatever you need in and around your home.

video feed of a babyIn areas with higher crime rates, installing security cameras can catch criminals in the act of breaking into a car, stealing from the lawn or porch or even attempting to get into the house.

And Sentech Security & Communications’ cameras have many other uses. If you video feed of a dog on a bedare worried about leaving a pet home alone, you can always check in to make sure your pet is doing just fine. Cameras can even be installed in vacation properties to monitor your home away from home when you cannot be there. And Sentech clients have even been known to put a camera in their aging parents’ homes to check in with them from time to time.

And Sentech cameras can even be viewed from your web enabled cell phone. Cameras will give you peace of mind, as you watch your home from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

isee video cameraSentech offers two different residential camera solutions, the iSeeVideo system and a standalone DVR system. The iSeeVideo camera is incredibly easy to use and set up. In fact, you do not even need a Sentech technician. Using your home’s high-speed Internet connection, your camera will be up and running in no time. This camera is great for anyone who wants to look in on their home while they are at work or out of town.

iSeeVideo starting at just $130.20+tax, plus monthly monitoring fee.

But for those individuals who need a little more from a camera system, a standalone DVR is ideal. Cameras can be set up inside or outside the home. Infrared cameras are available for night viewing as well. The cameras record to a DVR or digital video recorder. The feed can be pulled up at any time. You can also create DVDs of your camera’s footage for police.

Call Sentech today to request a FREE consultation and learn about the endless possibilities of installing a camera system.

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