Home Security Alarms – Alarms for Business

Alarm SystemsAlarm systems do more than just monitor your home. They provide you peace of mind. An alarm for business outside the home will keep your business safe even when you cannot be there. Home security alarms will protect your home at all times. And even when you are present, an alarm for business or home security alarms will alert you of breaches in your security.

Alarm Systems

Did you know? In the United States, a burglary occurs every 7 seconds. That means that every 7 seconds, you are more at risk for a home or business intrusion. Can you afford to not be protected? When you consider the costs, home security alarms and/or alarm for business can pay for itself in just a short time. And while your alarm for business and home security alarms monitor your property, you will know that you are less at risk for an invasion.

Alarm SystemsAn alarm for business and home security alarms do so much more than just alert you, and the authorities, in the case of an intruder. Home security alarms can be designed to include smoke detectors, which will alert the fire department in the case of a fire-related emergency. You can add carbon monoxide detectors to you alarm for business to protect from poisoning.

Think about the things that are important to you: your family, your livelihood. Do you have the proper steps in place to protect them? An alarm for business can protect just that: your business, your livelihood. And home security alarms can protect your most precious assets: your home and your family.

Sentech Security & Communications prides ourselves with being on the cutting-edge of security technology. Our alarm panels are sleek, our keypads are unobtrusive and the add-ons are impressive. Just about any concern you have in your home or business, Sentech can ease your mind.

AND, Sentech will send you batteries for the wireless components FREE for LIFE.

sleek alarm paneloptional key fob to arm and disarm the systemsmoke detector
Just a few of the items you can add to enhance your alarm system.

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