Consulting with Sentech President, Justin Senter

sentech logo shieldSentech Security & Communications would like to provide our expertise to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Whether you are opening a new business, considering certain franchise opportunities or just interested in cameras, Sentech’s consulting services can help.

Sentech President Justin Senter will share his experience with you over the phone or via email for a low consulting fee. So even if you are out of our reach, we can still help you succeed.

Sentech Security & Communications is headquartered on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but our expertise reaches across the country and across the world.

Security cameras are becoming more and more important in the day-to-day operation of businesses. Cameras give you a bird’s eye view into every aspect of your business, regardless of size, location or field of expertise. At Sentech, we know how important it is to have this view into your business. And we pride ourselves on creating individualized packages for EACH customer.

With our consulting packages, we help you determine what you need and how much you should be paying. We will help you understand field of view, lens sizes and different levels of resolution. We can do everything for you short of installing your new security system. So let us explain what to look for in a camera system and what features your business can utilize. Don’t pay for features and options you don’t need!

Security Franchise Opportunities

Security camera franchise opportunities are not for everyone. And before you decide to invest your savings into this new business enterprise, call us. Sentech Security & Communications got its humble start as a security camera franchise and we can offer support and advice. We will also give you the REAL answers to your burning questions.

So before you make an investment in your future business, give Sentech a call to decide if that is really what is best for you.

For any other questions, send us an email or call us at 1-866-546-0076.

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